Apr 18, 2014

Foodie Friday: Taste Of Our table

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Southwest Chicken & Rice Soup

Apr 17, 2014

Get Your Personal Allergy Alert‏

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My son has severe allergies and the first of spring is his worst nightmare each year. He has been tested for being allergic to Maple, Oak, Ragweed and a fourth thing that I can never remember. A few years ago I ran into a website by accident, that allows you to type in your zip code and track what pollens are high in your area each day. It is a really a cool site because I can look at it each day and determine if it is okay for my son to go outside and play or not.

Before the site, I would just keep my son locked in the house for a couple of months. Now I am able to see exactly. What days are better for him than others, and he is able to play outside more frequently during the spring. I strongly advise anyone with allergy symptoms to check out the site. I have never been tested for allergies, but I get an itchy throat throughout the year, and I am able to go to the site to see what pollens are high at that time. By doing this I have been able to determine what I am allergic to without being tested. is the name and location of this great site!

Apr 16, 2014

Update My Wardrobe With Consignment Finds

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Apr 15, 2014

My First Year Of Homeschooling Almost Complete‏

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 It is down to the final weeks! My oldest graduates from Kindergarten on May 6th and my first official year of home schooling is almost done. It has been great! My son is so much more advanced this year than he would have been in traditional school. He is on an early stage of third grade math. He has also made some great home school friends. He and I are both excited for the entrance of his first grade year. Time goes by so fast and I am just thankful how homeschooling gives me extra time and opportunity to spend with my wonderful kids!