Aug 21, 2014

Helping Children to Enjoy Reading

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In Memphis there is a major reading problem. Many Junior and Senior highschoolers read below a third grade level. As a reading tutor, I have heard many parents blame the No Child Left Behind law for this problem. That law may have been a source of the problem, but I do not believe that is the sole factor for the reading discrepancies of this city.

Parents can do a lot to build their kids reading level.  Many kids in this city do not like to read and that really amazes me. As a child, reading was a highlight of my youth and I don't remember ever hearing anyone say they did not like to read growing up.

Reading to your kids from birth is an excellent start but it is never too late to start reading to your kids.  My husband reads to the family at the dinner table.  He usually finishes eating first,  so once he is done he will pick up a book or two to read.  The kids love this and we now allow all three of our kids to read at the table on occasion. My two year old son read at the table last night. He says that he loves reading!  He only reads the pictures, but my husband and I make a huge deal to applaud all of our children after they read.  Encouraging your kids also helps spark a love for reading. 
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Eldest received a ton of books for his birthday. Most of the books are Spiderman and other Marvel character themed. Those are his current interest and he can not keep his nose out of his books. He loves to read them and share with the family all that he has learned. He actually created his own comic book and shared it with the family last night. It was actually  really good for a seven year old!  I believe that giving your children books with subjects that they have an interested also helps to create a love for reading.

It really is not hard to get kids interested in reading, but it does take time and effort from parents. It is the lack of time and effort from parents that I believe is truly hindering kids from being able to read.  Once children show an interest for reading it really does not take much to get children to improve in their reading skills. Helping a child to improve reading skills must first start with encouraging them to enjoy the art and skill of reading.

Aug 20, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Taking It Off The Hands Of Neighbors

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Aug 19, 2014

New Homeschool Year‏

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The new homeschool school year has started slowly but surely. My son does a homeschool curriculum in which we buy certain books but I often like to use my additional resources for certain subjects like math.  I will often use more than two books for one subject that are outside of my son's curriculum. Over the next two weeks I will highlight what resources I am using for certain subject that are outside of my son's standard homeschool curriculum.

Today I highlight my son's spelling resources:

Spell and Write Grade 1

All About Spelling Level 1
Building Spelling Skills Grade 1
1st Grade Spelling  Super Workbook

Aug 18, 2014

Partied Out!‏

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This weekend we gave our eldest his biggest party ever!  I planned for this party for a month. In the final days leading up to the party I still did not feel well prepared. I am not the creative type.  I have never planned a party before  and I do not like doing things like throwing a party.

My children are only promised a big party on their 7th, 10th, 13th, and 16th birthdays. This allows me stress free years of non party planning.

The family was able to throw my eldest a big party because it was his first and only big party since he was born. Giving space between my children's party will allow my husband and I to afford going so big.

For now I am thankful that the party is over, but I am already thinking about what is going to be done for my middle's big 7th party next year.