Sep 22, 2014

The Tutorer Getting Tutored

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I have always loved math.  It came easy to me for the most part as I was growing up. Algebra was my expertise. Even though math in general came easy to me, geometry did not.

Now the young man I am tutoring needs my help in geometry. My husband is actually more of a math wiz than me. He was a geometry tutor back in the day.  So now my husband spends time tutoring me in geometry so I can tutor my student efficiently. 

It has not been easy, but my expectation is to become a reasonably good tutor in geometry so I can help many other young children who also have a hard time in this subject.

Sep 19, 2014

Foodie Friday: Taste Of Our Table

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Sep 18, 2014

A Message For My Husband‏

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I have a great husband. Sure we have our ups and downs at times, but over all I could not ask for anyone better. My husband does more than the average man.  He cooks,  cleans,  takes care of the kids, and transports the kids to and from their different activities. He also does the laundry as well as brings home money for the family.

As a woman, and a mom, I often put too much on my plate.  It is hard for me to balance out serving others, my home, my kids and my husband. Often my husband is helping to pick up the slack that is lacking from me due to my busy schedule.

More times than not, I put my kids' wants and needs and the needs of others before those of my husband. My busy life has caused me to neglect him.  God has been really pressing on my heart to show my husband more attention, care and respect. He deserves it! I have realized that I have neglected and have taken advantage of my husband some.

Changing will not be easy for me.  Change will require more work out of me and require me to make serious decisions about what jobs I choose to take. I will have to probably say no more often, and change my mind set and focus more on my hubby.

The steps of change will be slow, uncomfortable and uneasy. But I am ready to change to lighten the load off my husband, and to be a better wife and help mate to the best friend in the world that I have ever had.