Jul 28, 2015

Learning Courage From My Daughter And Husband

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My daughter was once a timid child.  I did not want that for her since I grew up as a timid child myself. Because of my timidity I grew up with an extreme lack of social skills.  This has caused me a lot of problems as an adult.   

Going off to college caused my courage to grow even more, but my lack of social skills kept me from ever making any real friends and building good relationships.  My timidity and lack of social skills has made an introvert and eccentric.  I am a social butterfly around people I am close to and in one on one settings, but around a large group of people and around people who I am not close with I tend to close up and shut down.  It is true that opposites attract because my husband has no lack in courage.  Over our nine years of marriage he has pushed me to step outside of myself.  

Since my daughter has been doing modeling her courage has dramatically increased.  If you met my daughter today, you would never believe that she was ever a timid child.  In modeling, my daughter has to constantly participate in public speaking. Since starting modeling she has been in plays and has had several roles on stage.  Her modeling experience in public speaking has made her shine like a star on stage. 

Seeing my daughter grow in her courage has encouraged me to become more confident.  I am not the type of person to initiate conversation with a stranger or volunteer myself to get up in front of others, but last week I was asked to do something that I did not want to do. It involved me having to speak in front of a large group of people.  My daughter was with me and I wanted to be bold in front of her.  I told her that I did not want to do what I was asked, but I was going to be brave and do it anyways.  I wanted to show my daughter that I could be brave even during times I did not feel brave.  After I completed my assignment people were asked to volunteer and share with everyone what was learned.  I was so nervous. I unintentionally showed everyone my oddness during my first assignment and now I was contemplating volunteering and being odd in front of everyone again.  I raised my hand and volunteered myself, knowing that I was probably going to look odd again in front of everyone. 

After I finally sat back down I felt really good.  I was able to push past my lack of boldness and eccentricities and actually show courage.  I felt very proud of myself.  Not only had I been able to shown myself approved that I can be of courage but I also met a new friend as well.  That day I took initiative to introduce myself to someone and try to be friendly.  On that day I met a new friend and I was able to show bravery around my daughter.  

Even during this time of me going on job interviews it has been very evident on how much I have grown in my courage.  I used to have extreme anxiety when going through interviews but I believe I have come off as very confident on some of my interviews.  I know my growth is in large part due to my husband and my daughter.  I am thankful to God for putting these individuals in my life to help me grow in my area of weakness. 

Jul 27, 2015

On A Mission to Slow Heart Rate and Lower Blood Pressure

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I have to take a physical next week and I want to make sure that my heart rate and blood pressure are normal.  Checking last week my heart rate was a little high.  I have no idea about my blood pressure, but since the birth of my youngest I have had my blood pressure going up and down.  For the past few days I have been more diligent in constantly taking my natural medicines to slow my heart rate and lower my blood pressure.

Thanks to my favorite website I have learned many ways to lower my heart rate and slow my blood pressure naturally.  Doing some of these things I have already been able to lower my heart rate to a normal range.  My normal range is still on the higher side, so I hope to lower my heart rate closer to a lower range by the end of this week.  Here are links on how to naturally lower your heart rate and blood pressure.

Jul 24, 2015

A Sample of Our Weekly Table

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Jul 23, 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy, Busy, Busy

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Due to a busy weekend I didn’t even feel like I had a weekend, and now I cannot believe it is Thursday!  It has been nonstop of things for me to do since Monday.  I had another job interview that is going to pay more money than the entry level job I already received.  This job is not an entry level job and it is more up my alley.  They have a strong interest in hiring me, but before it is official I have to take care of several things.  This whole week I have been preparing for this new job, plus babysitting, plus taking care of my own home and family.  I can barely keep my eyes open to write this post.  I am so behind on what I need to get done and Thursday has really snuck up on me.  

Once I do get this job I will probably keep my writing down to just a few days, but for now I still have four more busy days ahead of me.  I have several big things happening and going on until next Monday. I just cannot wait until things gets more settled and I can have a real day of rest.