Oct 31, 2014

Foddie Friday: Taste Of Our Table

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Oct 30, 2014

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Oct 29, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Holiday Activity

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Oct 28, 2014

Retraining The Kids To Take Care Of The Home‏

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Each one of our kids have had the responsibility to help clean the home since age one.  They have never done a great job of cleaning and we usually would have to clean up behind them. 

Recently I spent time to not only declutter our home, but to also detail clean as well. Normally the family only declutters to clean, but the detailed cleaning gets left out for months.  It felt nice for the whole family to have the home detailed cleaned.

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A week later after the big clean, our home slowly started getting cluttered again due to the kids not putting full effort into their daily choirs.  I wanted to maintain my home's cleanliness so I folded up some pieces of paper with a room name written on them. Each child picked a piece of paper and have been held responsible for keeping that room cleaned for the week. I had a room for myself as well.  My husband and I spent time with each child to describe to them exactly how we expect that room to look and stay cleaned.   

So far this idea seems to be working well. The kids have surprisingly showed pride in being able to keep their own room clean.  My youngest one actually picked the main play area.  It's the room that gets the messiest and quickest. I was concerned about Youngest's ability to keep that room cleaned, but out of the three siblings that room has been the tidiest. Youngest proudly cleans the play area several times a day before it gets too bad and rushes to alert me that the room is all clean. Youngest gets really excited to show me the good job when I go to inspect.  All the kids have been good at reminding each other to clean up after themselves if an individual has left a mess behind in the room of responsibility for that child.

The kids now do a such a good job at keeping their assigned rooms cleaned that I do not have to do any cleaning up behind them.  I have time and energy  to do more consistent detailed cleaning. The house has maintained looking very nice and clean on a daily basis. It is far from immaculate, but  it has maintained a nicer look than normal.

Next week I will get each kid will have the responsibility to pick two rooms.  This would dramatically help me out even more if the kids can keep up the responsibility of two rooms. Right now between the kids and I, we are maintaining the playroom, dining room, kitchen, and den.  Next week I will add the stairs, the hallway, the laundry room and the bathroom to the daily maintance of the kids and me.