Oct 22, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: New Guilty Pleasure

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Oct 21, 2014

Why I Don't Like Most Doctors

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Practicing doctors seem to have a general attitude that they always know what is best for their patients and that patients are supposed to submit to taking anything that they prescribe.  Doctors have laughed at me and said I was stupid and verbally have tried to make me feel bad by speaking down to me about my wishes to go natural rather than to take their prescriptions.
Doctors will actually lie to your face to further encourage you to take their medicines.  When Youngest was in the hospital I was told that medicine was required for a long time. More than three doctors told me that the medicine had no side effects. I didn't believe them and I immediately look the medicine up. The medicine actually has lots of side effects, one being to stunt the growth of my already short child. The side effects were not ones I wanted to risk.
Why as patients are we seemly forced to take meds for our problems? If we try to express our issues about taking a medicine we are either further encouraged to take it if we know what's good for us or either suggested another type of medicine with lots of other severe side effects.  I read from another natural mother that when her or her kids go to the doctor she has learned to just smile and take the prescriptions home to throw away.  I assume she is tired of arguing with doctors and being made to feel bad by doctors because of her desire to go natural and stay away from traditional meds. 
As patients we should have a free choice about what we want to put into our bodies. If we choose not to put certain medicines in our bodies then we should be able to freely make that choice without condemnation and lies from doctors.
I realize that this is a very controversial topic. I have heard the stories of parents who do not want to give their children medicine and the child dies.  I am not advocating that we do not need medicine. I will take traditional medication when I feel the need. It’s just that my first choice is usually to go natural.  If I find that natural measures are not working for a health problem then I will go more traditional at least until I get better. I am just saying that as humans we should be able to choose freely to go traditional or natural with the support from our doctors. Parents and individuals who would rather go more natural should be able to have doctors suggest traditional or natural method and allow us to freely choose our preference.
I was hospitalized for a heart problem several years ago.  I bought some herbs that I read would help and only days after taking the herbs I tried something naturally with salt that I read online. I followed the directions incorrectly. I overdosed on the salt and started having water retention. I stopped the herbs I was taking and tried to naturally control the water retention with no results.
During and after the hospital visit I was put on a medicine that made my nose bleed so much that it became sore.  The medicine required me to also get my blood tested once a week. After all the needle poking at the hospital I was unwilling to go and get poked weekly. I weaned off the nose bleed medicine and started my herbs that I initially bought before the salt problem. The herbs worked to keep me okay after taking them for about a week. My nose bleeds stopped also with my nose pain being relieved. Every now and then my heart issues have return and I simply make a specific herb tea with almost instant results. The herbs have kept me from returning to the hospital and from living miserably under pharmaceutical side effects. Most herbs have very mild side effects.
If I had a doctor who supported my natural wishes, I would have tried the salt thing under a doctor’s guidance and that would have kept me from trying something new on my own and doing it incorrectly. I had the herbs to keep me from the hospital but I attempted a new measure with salt that I took in a wrong way. My mistake led me to the hospital. My mistake could have been prevented by having doctors who supported naturalists like me.
I have pleasantly found that many God given herbs can help with pretty much any medical issue.  The problem is that there are not many holistic doctors around, and issuance does not provide coverage to the few around. That leaves people like me to have to do research based on other people's experiences and practice trial and error with herbs and other natural things like essential oils. The support of doctors for natural remedies could prevent people like me from making the occasional natural mistake.

Oct 20, 2014

Being An Educated Patient‏

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I grew up in and out of hospitals and doctors’ offices pretty much since birth.  I was diagnosed with a chronic disease at a young age that almost took my life. By the grace of God I am alive now.  But growing up sick had me on lots of medication. I had many problems then that I either no longer have or rarely have. 
As a child I had great doctors, and it was traditional medicine and pharmaceuticals that saved my life, but it was in college that I was forced to wean off my medications.  In college I did not have the means to see a doctor and maintain my medicine. I didn't have transportation, I didn't have insurance and I didn't have a lot of money. I tried to stretch my medicine out as far as possible by not taking it daily and by cutting it in half when I did take it.  Mean while I started researching how to manage my chronic illness without my medication. That is how I started becoming more of a naturalist. It was not by choice at first, it was because I had no other options.
Doing research on how to manage my illness without medicine, I read numerous stories about how people were able to stay healthy and medicine free simply by food.  Eliminating processed food, eating fresh fruit and vegetables, and eating local or organic has helped others like me and once I tried to change my eating habits I was able to last about three year symptom free.  I eliminated pork from my diet, and I ate fresh or frozen veggies and fresh fruit.  I eliminated soda, Kool Aid, and other drinks from my diet as well. I only drank water.
Changing my diet made me feel healthier than I ever had, and I noticed some common issues of mine showing up infrequently. While on pharmaceuticals I often had seizures, memory loss, black outs, migraines and vision problems. I also noticed that I was more depressed on pharmaceuticals as well as anxious and nervous.  I was only able to go three years medicine free because I got lazy and started eating processed foods more frequently again.
Once I started eating unhealthy again my chronic illness returned back and with a vengeance. I was dating my husband at the time and we decided to go ahead and get married so he could carry me under his insurance and I could see a specialist and get put back on medicine.  Church members persuaded us to take at least a year of marriage counseling before we got married. My symptoms started out mild but progressed to severity by time I married my husband.
After marriage I saw a doctor and was put on only one medicine. It was one of the medicines that I was taking as a child through college. Back on the medicine my issues that I listed earlier returned more frequently again.
I decided that I enjoyed life better without the side effects of pharmaceuticals.  Also being medicine free saved me lot money. Pharmacies and constant extra doctor visits was both time and money consuming. I stayed on my medicines until I was pain free and then I began to wean myself of the meds again while changing my diet. 
I now have been free from taking pharmaceuticals for my chronic illness for about four years. I love junk food, but my body quickly lets me know when it has had enough. I cannot eat out a lot or eat processed food a lot without my body starting to feel pain.  And what my body considers a lot is something like having more than two slices of pizzas. When I start feeling mild aches I know I need to lay off the junk and eat healthier. The diet change along with occasional essential oils and herbs always stops my pains. And I have been able to live a more normal life.  I cannot remember that last time I had a seizure, I don't black out or experience memory loss anymore and my vision problems have drastically improved since I have permanently removed me from pharmaceuticals for my chronic illness.

I have other stories to share of how the side effects of other kinds of pharmaceuticals have made my life more miserable and unpleasant but I will share that at some other time.  It is simply because I do not want my children to have to suffer from the side effects of medicines that I often refuse to give them medicines that they have been prescribed.
My youngest was sent home with many prescriptions. One was prescribed to take for several years, but my husband and I have decided not to keep Youngest on meds because the side effects seem more severe.
I have learned to be an educated patient and I don't submit to the orders or suggestions of doctors without educating myself first about prescribed medicines. Being an educated patient has led me to be hated and disliked by many doctors. I will share more about that tomorrow.