Jan 26, 2015

My Consistency Success and Failures Thus Far‏

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So far I have had some very positive results due to my consistency on some of my 'being more consistent' goals. I have also had some failures already as well. I have stopped exercising because my exercising time was causing family conflict. I am still very motivated to exercise. It just has been very difficult to find a time for me to do it that does not conflict with the family. Until then my exercising is on hold, but I am still saving YouTube exercise videos for me to hopefully do one day. But through my failures I have had much success in some of my more important areas of consistency.

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I have really been trying hard to be more consistent in my weakest issues of life. As I posted before those issues are gentleness, faithfulness and long suffering. My consistent practice has reaped some benefits with my two oldest children.

I am a tough homeschool mom and homeschooling has been very stressful this school year. Putting long suffering and gentleness towards my son during homeschooling has really helped him pay more attention and focus in his work. Those are two issues that have been a major problem with my son in the last two years and it has really frustrated me this school year.

Since my changes I have seen some slow changes in him. Last week was still a struggle as normal on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, but on Wednesday and Friday things with him started to click. I am praying for more good days like those two days this week.  Both him and I still need more work to do. But I hope as I practice more gentleness and long suffering towards him and his work that my son would just bloom and take off in his attention skills.

Tomorrow I will post how my consistency in gentleness and long suffering is helping to improve my relationship with my daughter.

Jan 23, 2015

Foodie Friday: Taste Of Our Table

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Jan 22, 2015

A Fun Way to Get Young Kids Active & Moving‏

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Since using YouTube for exercising and loving it I decided to try it also on my kids. They have been having a blast! Moving their bodies in fun ways with dancing and singing has been causing my kids to ask to exercise. Many of the videos have stuck in their minds and almost daily my kids have been having fun on their own reacting what they have seen and heard.

Listed below are some of the channels that my kids have seen videos that they enjoyed for dancing, singing and getting active.

The Learning Station
ChuChu TV Kids Songs
Pancake Manor
Harry Kindergarten Music